Why Illuminating Facial?

| by Ksenia Kuzmenko, Summit, NJ, under Woodhouse Services

Why Illumination Facial?

The main reason to try this incredible Illuminating Facial is it to reboot, regenerate and have healthier, brighter, younger looking skin.

It is a corrective and active facial created to reverse the signs of premature aging and sun damage. This results oriented facial for lightening and hyper-pigmentation includes a 2 layer peel and two masks to reveal a brighter, vibrant and more refined complexion.

What Are Chemical Peels?

There are many different types of chemical peels with its own series of formulations. Having said that the chemical peels used by estheticians are generally a solution that has a combination or sometimes just one alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) or beta hydroxy acid (BHA). The solution is applied to the skin, normally in layers though some peels are simply one layer, like a treatment mask.  The peel is either removed at the end of the treatment or left on to self-neutralize. The acids in the peel work to dissolve the top layers of the skin creating a controlled wound, and thus allowing the skin to regenerate itself.

There are plenty of chemical peels available for use today in a beauty market. However, some of them are for home use only. Please keep in mind, that those peels provide a very superficial effects, such as simple exfoliation and superficial peeling. Your skin will look healthy and toned for a while, but other issues (e.g. acne) will resurface. That is why, you should refer to a professional esthetician to perform a peel.

The Illuminating Facial at Woodhouse Day Spa uses Skinceuticals Line for the chemical peels. These peels performed by estheticians at Woodhouse Day Spa in Summit have salicylic acid, mandelic acid, lactic acid, and glycolic acid. The combination of the aforementioned peels has a lower PH so that they can penetrate much deeper into the skin. Also, these peels, when performed in a series, can treat skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation and acne. 

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